Pulliam is Tennessee’s premier firearms and personal safety training facility, offering a wide range of structured courses as well as individualized  programs.
We provide training to Military, law enforcement and civilian clientele on a wide range of topics.
Our extensive knowledge of personal protection, home safety and firearms gives you a well rounded curriculum to enrich your mind.
Our Professional Certified trainers will tailor programs to meet your needs.

Handgun Safety School
Handgun Safety School

OC Spray Training

Handgun Safety School

First Aid Training

Handgun Safety School

Handcuff Training

Handgun Safety School

Concealed Carry Gun Permits

Train with Pulliam, because you don’t want to find out you were in the wrong after a defensive gun use.

Many places offer classes to get your concealed carry permit here in Tennessee, but not all of them teach the legal limitations of force in regards to using your firearm without going to prison yourself. Taking a more complete and comprehensive class like ours will teach you your responsibility under the law carrying and using your firearm. Our class will make you a more knowledgeable and responsible permit holder.

Pulliam has the most comprehensive Concealed Carry course in Tennessee covering all aspects of Carrying, Use of Force and knowing the law and your rights here in Tennessee. There are many other courses out there that don’t teach you what you need to know. Our class is modeled after the curriculum that law enforcement and armed security are taught. We go above and beyond the bare minimum training standard. We train to a higher standard. There are many people sitting in jail rite now because they thought what they were doing was legal and justified when they were acting in good faith but what they did was not legal at all. Don’t let yourself be one of these people. Just getting your permit is not enough you need take the time to educate yourself on how to use that tool you are carrying.