About Us

We are a visionary company with high ideals and we set standards for quality, service and professionalism that are adopted from an industry that is rich in tradition.

A company that was established in xxxx and quickly built a reputation of reliable service. We are also a company with a high ethical nature, which has become one of our distinguished characteristics.

Mission & Objectives

To provide a safe and secure environment, to secure the property of the Clients against thefts and property damages.

Below are the outlines of our methods of achieving these goals.

  • Provide a proactive and pre-emptive approach to implementing our security measures.
  • Enforce rule and regulations outlined by management.
  • Enforce management’s policy of no trespass and no loitering.
  • Keep records of violators and repeat offenders.
  • Retain and restrain violators for arrest by Milwaukee Police.
  • Maintain general order.
  • Enforce Parking rules (permits, abandon vehicles etc.)
  • Increase the Level of Security Presence.
  • Provide legible daily written reports and separate incident reports for management.
  • Partner with local law enforcement on community policing within the property.

We will act as a visible deterrent to any criminal activity, working diligently with management to create a secure and safe environment.